Monday, November 2, 2009

Vcr Dvd No Tuner But Recording Is Possible

No Tuner But Recording is Possible - vcr dvd Philips DVP3340V DVD VCR Combo

I bought the Philips DPV3340V today. Certainly, no tuner, but in a few years analog tuners will be obsolete anyway. If you have cable or Dish / Direct TV, you can record input signals. There are instructions in the box, but you can add a channel and recording another to see, unless the cable for the video and placed on line) have no connection with the TV tuner (RF or composite.

This unit is a VHS recorder. You can copy DVD to VHS, but not move from VHS to DVD. (VHS to DVD, an expensive.) Is

I bought the unit mainly to play my old VHS tapes to record TV programs. Although there is no tuner or a cable connection (RF coaxial) on the back there are the RCA (composite) type connectors. (All the new TVs have this type of connection ports, red, white and yellow.) If you do not have the composite connections on your TV, you can simply connect the RF coaxial cable age, unable to connect a DVD with the TV anyway.

My cable box has both the old style RF coax and the new RCA composite connections. I have a splitterR and connected the composite red, white, yellow cable from my cable box to both my TV and VCR. I play DVDs, VHS tapes and can record TV programs on cassette. The decoder is the input.

You do not need to record the TV programs when you use the TV output to the recorder. It returns a link and I'm not sure why anyone would do this if you do not have cable or antenna. If so, then you must be your TV with your tuner and TV-OUT * composite jacks for video input. (All TVs have an "out" connector.) Unable to record digital VHS, you can create the first DVD, you use this drive to create the copy. The result of the cable box is used as an entry to this video.

The video is easy to configure, I did not even read the manual. It comes with a quick start. The video gives a good picture and sound. The DVD player has progressive scan if your TV is capable. If not, is always a good image. It also has component video connections for TVs with this capability. You can copy DVD on a VHS tape in one operation, if no protection against copying. The sound is stereo Hi-Fi. It plays WMA, MP3 and screens. JPG files on DVD. It is an S-Video, a main entrance, back entrance. There are a number of cables (red, white for sound and a separate yellow) for video. If the entry for entry you need to buy a second one.

It has a little way with lowercase letters. (The remote control with 2 AAA batteries.) If you can vision, but the hard to read. There is a parental control. It is not glow in the dark, a feature on my TV remote control. There are buttons to switch between DVD and VCR, but a work of several buttons in every position. (In short a Memorex and the controls had been very confusing, locking the door open and the rejection of DVD, when you press the DVD button.)

I've had a couple of hours, but so far I am satisified. My old VCR died and I decided to replace the DVD player and with a single device. The zoom on my old DVD player on the screen if they do not enlarge. This unit Enlargeand disappears on the display. I did not grow as large screen to fill the screen.

I can not speak for long life, but it is my recording session. The quality seems to be a problem with the VCR. I had Pioneer, Sony, Zenith, JVC, Memorex. Everyone went belly up. It is cheaper to buy a new one for repairs.

I hope that they continue to do so. I would not buy these films again. I have a lot of movies today, but I have been for some time on the road and have lots of VHS movies, enjoy too. He saw two today on my new Philips DVP3340V :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vcr Dvd Recorder Great For Converting VHS To DVD

Great For Converting VHS to DVD - vcr dvd recorder Samsung DVD-VR375 1080p Up-Converting VHS Combo DVD Recorder

Amazon did Verified (What is this?) If I do not have the previous model, Samsung 357, would be a 3-4 * article on the basis of other combos I have (LG / Sony / Toshiba). However, I fell in love with the 357 and were not able to find that for the price to what it has been released and 357 prices have increased $ 50-100. So I bought it. These combinations to die too quickly to more than $ 150 to spend. I am using an HDMI cable to an HDTV-LG / by a dual-tuner DVR Samsung Digital Satellite TV run. The picture quality is excellent recording is another story.

CON (357)
* The LP recording is is equal to the quality of PE on the 357 - very bad for a fuzzy text on the screen so when you are forced to save for a film of lasting quality, d 'use discs with more than half of the Time per plate.
* Trickle charge
* Very high, stop Woosh / / zack stop and chop again. The whistle actually woke my husband the first night I've used it.
* Anything you do to display a disc menu, download, delete, etc., everything that makes a square inchp Up in the recording of information. 357 is fast loading and unloading Quiet, no time between menus, etc.
* When you remove the title in the 1 + RW, not to increase the backup time in the 357 (and everyone I tried recroder + RW), you can get in new, another program at this time without the deletion of the following titles
* If you read on a + RW 4x, dirty like trying to (play on any computer with the exception of 1 of my 2 players Phillips), higher speed of sound
* Pushes you must go in order to know the menu and MLS information on how much time remains a key medium in 357 on the remote, and it shows the recording mode for the remaining time for each mode.

PRO (compared to 357)
* Much less expensive now that the money has been collected, 357
* Surfaces faster
* Requires the car to a blank floppy disk formats (357 entering the menu)
* A further parameter CSP / PSP / ESP, etc., in addition to SP / LP / EP on the 357
* Division and Installation + RW is much faster, then slowly to 357, I am publishing the ads no longer going very fast, but do not immediately orna LG
* The records of everything that has made my DVR to a disc, no problems rquire copyright qatch a show or film at a time (357 no problems of copyright either, but it is something that you should before you buy a combination of know - -many are so sensitive that you can not capture a soap opera.

For those who had not had the pleasure, with the 357, it will give you easy to use. But reducing the quality of 357 is clear and heartbreaking big dissappointment - but hope is certainly better than anything else in the price range.I only to die faster than the 357-some 18 months to 2 years recording difficult. Perhaps that is why it has a lower quality version to take it anymore.

Vcrs Its A Jitter Bug :P

Its a jitter bug :P - vcrs Sony SLV-N55 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

1) As someone said, I too have this pain at regular intervals to play with the SLV-N55. For me, it happens, made a few recordings of other video players and prerecorded video.

Every 5 to 10 seconds, the image vertically jig for a second. I played with the pursuit was in vain. If the status of tapes or records are one years, still no excuse, especially since these bands are completely stable in my 3 other Panasonic VCR, and should have no problem with bands especially.

(Side note: I have a Panasonic PV-V4522 recording artists with a high turnover vertical stripes, so you having a bad reputation, but if I need to register again on the same band with the same velocity, the recording will be stable. .. Go figure)

A hyper-sensitive to require external video recorder, the perfect conditions to play a good picture (in the case of Panasonic, to save) is therefore not very useful because you want to use the prestige and his tapes and videos in the future, and can not keep your tape in a vacuum, electric --Zimmer frei magnetic and gravity or something.

2) While so far the SLV-N55 has no problems playing the recordings himself made, the quality of the images is not to my taste. It seems to burn with more color than the blood of other video players. Note also the plan at the right of every object in the image, like a slight "ghost" with a similar effect with a bad reception on TV with rabbit ears or turning the sharpness too high in general. I (digital cable) have

If this is only 19 microns is the quality, then no thanks. I had a 19 micron Optimus VCR long ago while reading the records were beautiful reproduction of the same in another videotape was very grainy.

Just keep everything the standard of 26 micrometers and everything will go well. From now on I will feature the "19 Micron Heads" avoid like the plague. : P

Vcr Players Sony SLV-D281P - AN EXCELLENT UNIT

Sony SLV-D281P - AN EXCELLENT UNIT - vcr players Sony DVD/VCR Progressive Scan Combo Player SLV-D281P

When deciding to buy a DVD / VCR Combo My only concern is image quality, usability and price. This inexpensive easy, a DVD recorder and excellent picture quality reading that is likely to use invincible. Remember, this is a DVD player and no DVD burner. Also note that this unit has no tuner. This means that the unit of work you need a separate tuner (such as a cable or) satellite receiver, has equipped with the audio / video outputs to a TV with audio inputs and one video connector. I am sure that the device that provides tunerless for a better picture.

Vcr Dvd Combo Recorder EAsiest For People Of Any Age!

EAsiest for people of any age! - vcr dvd combo recorder PANASONIC� DVD RECORDER/ VCR COMBO

If you want to copy and share a DVD into the machine, then the band, where you and press a button and everything happens automatically, even after the end of tape on the screen asking you to take advantage. - Legal EASY!
Better yet, will do the same in a different direction from a DVD onto a cassette with a single keystroke, and endless!
So who thinks that can not be operated one-buy DVD recorder and was so surprised that it is easier to perform benefit your old VCR with this model, both from the registration in a format in which.
I converted all my old VHS tapes we are more than 400 DVD and only takes about one third of storage space for DVDs, the old VHS tapes!
Last, if I do not know VHS tapes only 20 when a DVD is to last more than 50 years, so that you communicate with their children!

Vcr Player Recorder Affordable, Basic, Gets The Job Done

Affordable, basic, gets the job done - vcr player recorder Magnavox DVD/VCR Dual Deck, MWD2206

I have a sister version of the Combo DVD / VCR (MWD2205), but can not find here on Amazon to. However, this model is very close, if not a mislabeled 2205 (same as off). The new price path in a number of significant discount (when it was bought) is 69.87. Online, I saw as low as 62.00 new. This has little information on the net, and Magnavox is not on their website. Let me lean on that drive.
So far so good. Works well with my older TV very basic. I use the coaxial cable in Disintigration Without the image does not require an RF modulator.

Features: DVD player with progressive scan is not the head 4 video with stereo outputs on the back, mono inputs at the front. It has AV connections (video and stereo DVD / VCR) Second Series DVD-single-output and coaxial digital-audio-DVD. It also has S-video and component output. This should not represent the views of the probe.

Play the DVD: great quality and sound, video playback, very good. Configure a connection very easy, just use the remote and programming of the channel.
Autumn: no optical output, not progressive scan versus mono input.
Rating: 5out for the value of 5, this would be an excellent 2nd or third unit in a recording room, basement, bedroom, or recreational vehicle or a guest room. It is very easy to use that even people who do not have the luxury of electronic cand be happy. Probably buy a second for my mother.

Hopefully this will be up to the Magnavox / Phillips quality I have never known, and I have many good years of use.

7/29/2007 Update: I have two of these gifts in the past year, and everyone is working hard with my originals. Large units for people who like movies.

Vcr Recorders Does Exactly As Claimed !

does exactly as claimed ! - vcr recorders Zenith XBV713 DVD VCR Combo

I bought 2 for my kids for Christmas and referburshed a product works like new. It reads DVD and VHS with good image quality. Definitely a good buy for the money.

Dvd And Vcr Recorder Exactly What I Needed.

Exactly what I needed. - dvd and vcr recorder Magnavox MWR20V6 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo

I've always Sony products, but recent years have been disappointed with their products. When my Sony drive suddenly died, I began researching other DVD recorder and decided on several reviews Amazon has based the Magnavox try ZV420MW8. I'm not disappointed. At first I had to call customer service to solve a problem of their own misunderstanding on my STB. I could no longer willing to provide the help he needed, and since, commissioning and operation of the device was a breeze. The functionality of the device is intuitive, simple and concise illustrated manual. (Unlike my previous Sony products, which require a degree from MIT for the creation and operation or the best performance of the provision of complex textbooks.) Perhaps the only fault in connection with the Magnavox DVD / VCR I list here is the remote control - the buttons are very small. I ended up with a felt pen on the most important keys for quick access to activate them.

We tested all the features of last night, and foundUnit keeps exceptionally well.