Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vcr Dvd Recorder Great For Converting VHS To DVD

Great For Converting VHS to DVD - vcr dvd recorder Samsung DVD-VR375 1080p Up-Converting VHS Combo DVD Recorder

Amazon did Verified (What is this?) If I do not have the previous model, Samsung 357, would be a 3-4 * article on the basis of other combos I have (LG / Sony / Toshiba). However, I fell in love with the 357 and were not able to find that for the price to what it has been released and 357 prices have increased $ 50-100. So I bought it. These combinations to die too quickly to more than $ 150 to spend. I am using an HDMI cable to an HDTV-LG / by a dual-tuner DVR Samsung Digital Satellite TV run. The picture quality is excellent recording is another story.

CON (357)
* The LP recording is is equal to the quality of PE on the 357 - very bad for a fuzzy text on the screen so when you are forced to save for a film of lasting quality, d 'use discs with more than half of the Time per plate.
* Trickle charge
* Very high, stop Woosh / / zack stop and chop again. The whistle actually woke my husband the first night I've used it.
* Anything you do to display a disc menu, download, delete, etc., everything that makes a square inchp Up in the recording of information. 357 is fast loading and unloading Quiet, no time between menus, etc.
* When you remove the title in the 1 + RW, not to increase the backup time in the 357 (and everyone I tried recroder + RW), you can get in new, another program at this time without the deletion of the following titles
* If you read on a + RW 4x, dirty like trying to (play on any computer with the exception of 1 of my 2 players Phillips), higher speed of sound
* Pushes you must go in order to know the menu and MLS information on how much time remains a key medium in 357 on the remote, and it shows the recording mode for the remaining time for each mode.

PRO (compared to 357)
* Much less expensive now that the money has been collected, 357
* Surfaces faster
* Requires the car to a blank floppy disk formats (357 entering the menu)
* A further parameter CSP / PSP / ESP, etc., in addition to SP / LP / EP on the 357
* Division and Installation + RW is much faster, then slowly to 357, I am publishing the ads no longer going very fast, but do not immediately orna LG
* The records of everything that has made my DVR to a disc, no problems rquire copyright qatch a show or film at a time (357 no problems of copyright either, but it is something that you should before you buy a combination of know - -many are so sensitive that you can not capture a soap opera.

For those who had not had the pleasure, with the 357, it will give you easy to use. But reducing the quality of 357 is clear and heartbreaking big dissappointment - but hope is certainly better than anything else in the price range.I only to die faster than the 357-some 18 months to 2 years recording difficult. Perhaps that is why it has a lower quality version to take it anymore.

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