Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vcrs Its A Jitter Bug :P

Its a jitter bug :P - vcrs Sony SLV-N55 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

1) As someone said, I too have this pain at regular intervals to play with the SLV-N55. For me, it happens, made a few recordings of other video players and prerecorded video.

Every 5 to 10 seconds, the image vertically jig for a second. I played with the pursuit was in vain. If the status of tapes or records are one years, still no excuse, especially since these bands are completely stable in my 3 other Panasonic VCR, and should have no problem with bands especially.

(Side note: I have a Panasonic PV-V4522 recording artists with a high turnover vertical stripes, so you having a bad reputation, but if I need to register again on the same band with the same velocity, the recording will be stable. .. Go figure)

A hyper-sensitive to require external video recorder, the perfect conditions to play a good picture (in the case of Panasonic, to save) is therefore not very useful because you want to use the prestige and his tapes and videos in the future, and can not keep your tape in a vacuum, electric --Zimmer frei magnetic and gravity or something.

2) While so far the SLV-N55 has no problems playing the recordings himself made, the quality of the images is not to my taste. It seems to burn with more color than the blood of other video players. Note also the plan at the right of every object in the image, like a slight "ghost" with a similar effect with a bad reception on TV with rabbit ears or turning the sharpness too high in general. I (digital cable) have

If this is only 19 microns is the quality, then no thanks. I had a 19 micron Optimus VCR long ago while reading the records were beautiful reproduction of the same in another videotape was very grainy.

Just keep everything the standard of 26 micrometers and everything will go well. From now on I will feature the "19 Micron Heads" avoid like the plague. : P

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