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D Vhs Vcr Iffy As An HDTV Recorder. Great VCR Especially For Price

Iffy as an HDTV recorder. Great VCR especially for price - d vhs vcr JVC HMDH40000U D-VHS HDTV Digital Video Recorder

The JVC D-VHS HMDH40000U DVR is a great video and next generation high definition multimedia player. Under certain circumstances, a good filing system for high-definition broadcasts. Unfortunately, between the paranoia of the music industry and JVC error rare cases. But it is now cheap enough that you pay for a video player with a large selection of high-definition normally. On this basis, it is 4 stars.

While overlooking High-definition television is welcomed apparently still in the phase of "early adopters". A problem with the rapid adoption of standards is that to make it very difficult to find the critical support of the technology - such as storage. Currently, the most important option is to buy or rent a cable / satellite application-specific integrated DVR / HDTV tuner. This also has serious limitations: The box is useless if you are changing supplier, it is usually low on disk space (typically 8 hours - HD takes about 4 x the area of regular issues), it can record programs on DVD and are extremely expensive. While TiVo and other technologies, and finally find the business units with HD at some pointLater, in the years 2005-2006, his only real alternative, a DVHS recorder.

To the layman DVHS is an important update of the technology 30 years - the same as VHS cassettes, but still digitally recorded. It is wonderful for backward compatibility with VHS and SVHS DVHS VCR playback and recording a perfect (and if you're burning money, you can use a DVHS tape Save outrageous prices with VHS signal.)

The good news is that if the work is a perfect digital copy of HD content is. The bad news is that after the loss of billions of pirated DVDs of the music industry, so many restrictions on digital recording, most of this video and put crippled DVHS format. In very simple terms that Nerfed are also bad things: 1 very difficult to include in the HD format and 2. even more difficult to copy HD content.

Why HMDH40000U with JVC?

First, you can in the recording of HDTV programming is, and where the work was worth it. The problem is that JVC so paranoid about offending entry studies, the high-definition is only one FireWire / i.LINK Digitaa L - not component video or HDMI inputs. Only a few manufacturers offer products with HDTV tuner i.LINK (Hitachi and Mitsubishi, is unnecessary, with a handful of other models such as Samsung and Sharp), which means for many people subscribe to cable or satellite HDTV Dies. There are also many documented cases in which a tuner or a video-link symlink that are compatible with this video. Even with a compatible with the I-Link connection, you can still run into an accident with this newspaper in large part due to poor compatibility with copy-protection standard, I hard reset (unplugged for 30 minutes), this unit many times I can count to work again. But ... If it works, the results are a perfect copy, and though they outrageously expensive DVHS tapes that are still cheap, what it would cost, compared to 5 hours HD space on your hard drive.

Second, there is a very small (about 100 or less) the selection of very high resolution (1080i) movies in a format known as D-Theater. Between this and the 25-Laser HiVision MuseDisks that are no longer created in 2001 and played in obscure Japanese team may only cost 10 times more of this video is the only way we are going to a movie in more than 480p in your home screen for HD-DVD / Blu-ray released in 2006, when the end of 2005 or the first prize of 5 to 10 times higher than in the video. Unfortunately, it seems that the D-Theater is on the way of the muse, but I have a couple of films in this way be reduced simply and pine, if you find a movie you like in this format. Even if we lose a ton of resolution to let the JVC D-Cinema in the 480i to play your old Trinitron, it directs the details, you do not see on a DVD. Most HDTV broadcasts do not compare easily with the details of the offer in a D-Cinema.

But the real reason to buy, what is that in 2005, a VCR should be. It has component video outputs, an optical digital output, multiple inputs and outputs S-VHS, and a number of characteristics (such as marking chapters on the tape so that you can not find the scenes at the time) see the video, even players not good. Better yet, the game(back and recording on regular VHS and SVHS mode and you can not both) are much better than my model SVHS 5 years. (And even if the video does not appear, except in spurts, while fastforwarding mode DVHS, SVHS, VHS, and these, plus any standard unit.) As with a VCR is elegant and functional.

Unfortunately, there are good chances that you buy the HDTV, recording its founding. Time very, very carefully before buying. But now, JVC seems ready to abandon this model because it has an HDMI output that is at prices most directly comparable SVHS VCR. As such, you have a next-generation technology for the same price. And if you're lucky, you get more. For fans of LD compare me to a basement negotiating HLD-X9 - not a new technology, but improvements in the old man is always worthwhile. I only know what you're doing!

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