Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vcr Clock Great Idea. Bad Product.

great idea. bad product. - vcr clock Sungale CA700VCR 7-Inch Digital Frame with Video Clock and Radio (White)

I bought this over a few days ago, from Office Max on sale for $ 59.99 (regular price: $ 79.99).
Now I will return.
The idea is very good, and the device is pretty decent at first.
Unfortunately, appearances are misleading in this case.
1. Speakers like something from time to time touch the cone.
2. One can not listen to the radio, and photos simultaneously.
3. The controls are terrible! There is a button on a small scale production, and a small OK button surrounded by a round button with the arrow keys.
4. This is not a touchscreen. That's good, but the button on the directional arrow is often a different direction than I thought. The menus are navigated by the circle button, it is very frustrating to use.
5. Radio receives great reception, but the controls are clumsy. There are five keys of the image on the screen: normal, seasons, Registry, Favorites, and scanning. Do you have the radio? No, "register" your favorite radio stations. Output pulse, you get the first "on the button above to" see "(the change of color and flash off), then pUSH the down arrow, and we hope it stops the key 2 When you press "OK", you can use the up / down arrows to change the station - despite the fact that the image of the radio station has a normal bar the photo from left to right. (Left and right for the volume - so do not turn down the volume "up" or "down", turn left and right!)
3-button registration, 4 the favorite - that is to his favorite station "record" and 5 is scanned. Quickly scan the dial to see if all the stations.
Good luck for photo / music / video. It takes time to find all files and folders on the memory card. Then there is no way to browse pictures or music files too.

In summary, I am curious about the Sony or Panasonic version of this device. For now, I do not even dressed.

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