Friday, October 30, 2009

Jvc Dvd Recorder Vcr Combo Great Little Performer

Great Little Performer - jvc dvd recorder vcr combo JVC DRMV100B 1080p Upconverting DVD Recorder VCR Combo with Built-in Tuner

After buying 2 similar units, a Sony and Magnavox) and returning to two (I was skeptical that it would be. Well, so far this unit has worked very well in all areas. We recorded most of our TV programs for later viewing for a tuner was important for us to see another program (or work) while recording one or more. So far, recording to DVD-R or DVD is quite simply succeeded guidelines. The menus are a little different, but once in the first sense, after a few. Installation and preset channel easily and efficiently. The remote control is, of course, Itsy Bitsy, but it could get worse and batteries included! I watched a couple of VHS tapes to DVD-R with success - that is better than the originals, in most cases to search. I discovered the joys of recording a TV show on a DVD-RW instead of a VHS cassette. DVD viewing is great and also plays audio CDs, but I wish I could read the information on the titles and not just "Track One, Track Two", etc., because they do not intend to use DVD player and audio --Players, no big deal. As soon as I'm pretty happy with this player - the third is the charm, apparently. *** Update: Almost 3 months after this review, I had similar problems with this CD that other experience, most of the abrupt withdrawal of registration. I have basic cable (without a set-top box), use the right media, so I had to freeze requiring a reboot, and I knew I had to do with the time to read the troubleshooting section of the manual. He has everything you need to do, unless I can not trust 100%. As the third part, we have tested and it is to ensure we are not away from him, but we do not rely on savings to the end of "Cold Case" If I want to watch too, I give only 3 stars. *** Update 1/11/09: Finally bought the JVC brand DVD-RW and it seems, finally, without stopping, when using the timer. Sensitive to copy "protected" programs - even though it should not be (in particular) films, but usually not included in this category. Finally!

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