Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upconverting Dvd Vcr Combo BE WARNED!

BE WARNED! - upconverting dvd vcr combo Samsung DVD-V9800 Tunerless 1080p Upconverting VHS Combo DVD Player

Verified Amazon (What is this?) Written all over this device in the opinion of others is correct. The burner combo drive is an excellent example of a dying breed, is well designed, and (I suspect) to expectations. So why only 3 stars? Nowhere in the description, is the most important factor is the V9800 TUNERLESS. Must be used with another tuner source is used ... as a decoder. Incidentally, I have Time Warner Cable's common on the wall, coaxial, and three (my Sony Bravia HDTV Sharps and 2) lays down provisions for the entry of coaxial cable. With DVD players and other "traditional" VCR no problem. Unfortunately I did not find all the current players take to the entry of coaxial cable for VCR combo.
If you receive a cable decoder of this device is beautiful, and less than $ 100 represents a good value for the use of quality materials. My real gripe with Amazon for not more diligent in the technical specifications of the products they sell. So 5 stars for Samsung and Amazons 0 stars!

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