Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vhs Vcr Player Useless For Anything But Playback, No Recording Functions

Useless for anything but playback, no recording functions - vhs vcr player Sylvania DV220SL8 Dual Deck DVD Player/VCR Combo, Silver

I bought this device and is only for playback of DVDs and videocassettes. Of course, band ... but not in a meaningful way.

There are no internal tuner. This means that you must submit a line on your TV or other source like a cable box. No, like most take video players to a coaxial cable.

To sign up, you need the TV to the desired channel. You can not change channels on your TV or VCR records the new line.

Furthermore, no timer on the VCR. So, literally, is gearing up for recording when the show begins.

The reason for my VCR, so it must be if the display is switched on.

Immediately field back up and back. I give only two stars, because I imagine that the DVD player works well. Not even the light, so you do not know.

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