Monday, October 26, 2009

Dvd Vcr Combo Recorders Finally, VHS Through HDMI

Finally, VHS through HDMI - dvd vcr combo recorders Sony RDR-VX560 1080p Tunerless DVD Recorder/VHS Combo Player

I bought this device to copy the tape instructional video on DVD. Working After reading the opinion that the unit faced was skeptical, but to my surprise he did. The video quality was about the same as video tapes and the process was relatively simple.

Please note:

- The DVD is not complete, or it will play on other computers, including auto-complete is not as effective as the manual version.

- I DVD-R and they all worked without error (as opposed) to my computer.

- It will not be stored encrypted tapes (with Macrovision to buy the movie studios) do not, so if this camera is that its main objective.

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