Monday, October 26, 2009

S Vhs Vcrs Solidly Built

Solidly built - s vhs vcrs JVC HRXVC12S Progressive Scan DVD Player and VCR Combo

Let me say first that the only reason I bought because I wanted a silver DVD / VCR that is not "cheap" like a Kmart Sylvania. More than a dozen Black Combo units here today, but it is surprisingly difficult to find in any other surface. The first time I had tried a Philips, but it was plasticky, low and flat on my DVR to sit up. The JVC looks and feels solidly built - heavy metal box with more than 10 cm deep, is about my Explorer 8300HDC DVR is perfect. My complaints are not only optical digital audio output (coaxial only, like everything else in this price range) and the color is darker than my DVR (and darker than the Philips unit, replaced). The color, but no match for TV LG (LG 30FS4D / 30FS4D / 30FS4D 30 Super Slim Direct View Integrated HDTV).

If you do not mind black, you probably can not be better (than the JVC which is also black), but if you follow money (not used), and do not need a tuner or the functionality of DVD recording is probably the best wiThout pay 50% more.

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