Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jvc Vcr Dvd Combo Quirky But Works

Quirky But Works - jvc vcr dvd combo JVC DR-MV150B - DVD recorder/ VCR combo

The bottom line is that this machine works. We were able to record OTA and cable, standard definition and high definition, DVD-R and DVD + RW and copy a VHS tape to DVD-R. Everyone has worked well.

The ATSC (digital) tuner works fine, but the NTSC (analog) tuner seems a bit short. We only have basic cable is planned to use the NTSC and ATSC tuner built and tested for the OTA signals for a few days. The NTSC output seems a bit blurry, which could be due to use the A / D and D / A conversion, since we are the digital output of the receiver and video component of our standard-definition television. (The ATSC tuner output has been observed by this same connection, as well as via HDMI to 22 "LCD TV.) The fact that we have the digital channels, often for each analog channel in our cable line, so we You use the channels in place.

One of the first things you notice about this machine is that the access is difficult on the configuration menu. Press the Start button on the remote and the Setup menu is selected, but notopen. You need to press the middle (OK) to open the menu. If you want any of the other menus, simply press the cursor left or right and select the menu and opened at a time. Why does the setup menu will be visible immediately!

Another thing is uncomfortable settings menu that normally contains usage and configuration controls. This is usually rarely used functions of a setup menu, banned because they are down-and-forget options, right? Unfortunately, this machine is, you must navigate past these options to frequently used functions, using as the completion or labeling a disc.

Is another source of frustration for the design of the user that common action for a DVD recorder like the end is not the first to appear when you call up the menu with the Start button, you are not accessible remotely by another l . The main operations of a device like this should be close and those that are less frequently used, should be accessible, but require additional measures to achieve.

My last complaint about this machine is recTimer-Ording, if the device on or off and is on where, it seems, no matter what you can do so at this time. No VCR will start recording when the device is switched on. They complain when it's time to burn, but it is to turn it off before recording. A DVD should not be different, the JVC was stupid.

An interesting behavior of this machine by any DVD player I've ever had is different is that it automatically load and begin playing a DVD is inserted, and a video player to launch when a tape-recorded. It's a nice gesture.

The editing function of the channel is very good. If the assembly line as the machine to recognize, or ignore the use of an image in keeping with the style of image to take the lead in the top left corner, you can surf from one channel to another, or cancellation of their permits. Our LCD TV requires, however, nearly the selection of a channel, browse the menus for the editor of the string, then add or delete channels for eachTo switch channels. A button on the remote control to access the Add / Remove "is probably the easiest way, with analogue TV, but it is difficult to be used with digital signals, because the fractional channel numbers.

This machine has a good ATSC tuner, record keeping, as expected, so it deserves four stars of the show. JVC When you update the firmware on a menu of intelligent design deserves the frequency of use in the office, five stars.

(Incidentally, we had no problems with freezing on our machine. If not, it changes.)

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