Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Vcr Tapes Fun And Informative - A MUST For Every Simpsons Fan

Fun and Informative - A MUST for every Simpsons fan - old vcr tapes My Life As a Ten Year-Old Boy

I preface this by saying I am a Simpson fanactic. Through the use of digital cable, I can see the show - 3 episodes of the value - as every afternoon I have dinner. To date, the only program on TV that made me laugh until I snort making.

Now that I painted this beautiful picture, I will book ...

I was pleasantly surprised by this book is a surprise, Nancy Cartwright, the author. She has a great job of mixing the darkness behind the scenes, things that fans (like me) with a nice group of autobiographical sketches and personal photos love. I did not know that Nancy had a wide range of experience in the voice!

In truth, however, the "Behind The Simpsons was" things that sold me. I really enjoyed the show started, what the players really are, and how long / complicated is to collect a sequence of about 24 minutes. In addition, Nancy has been great when different reference scenes / stories chapters. I felt like a Simpsons insider, especially if I could say: "I saw that" O " I remember!

A final note: Do not forget to look to the right of the last hundred pages of the book. Quick jump to think through the Site ( "flip"), you can create a beautiful animated short film with Nancy and his ego, alter Bart Simpson. So cute!

Be sure to give this for all Simpsons fans on the list of Christmas gifts. In any case, it will be appreciated.

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